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But 'There is a correlation between advocating Animal welfare reform and number of people going vegan'

Some people claim: <Why is it that veganism as an over all percentage of the American population is on the RISE... at the same time that more animal welfare campaigns and issues are becoming public knowledge than at any time in our history?> 

However that is not a proof.
It is easy. Whatever initially sparked off an interest, nobody ever went vegan without being educated about veganism and welfare campaigns, by their very nature, don't educate about veganism. You seem to be ignoring the massive increase in the level of vegan education not linked to welfare campaigns.which has occurred in the last few years. Despite an apparent correlation, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that welfare campaigns have 'made vegans' to any significant extent.
[Last sentences is a quote from Alan.]'


Welfarists are very find of demanding 'proof' that unequivocal vegan education rather than stepwise animal welfare reforms will secure the end of animal exploitation. Such a demand for proof of a future event is very silly as none of us are blessed with the gift of clairvoyance. They conveniently forget that, by the same token, they are also unable to provide proof that their own method will work.
What is needed to assess tactics is a little critical thinking based on current knowledge and we know that over 150 years of animal welfare reforms have failed to achieve anything with regard to reducing the overall level of animal exploitation. There is also evidence to suggest that, for a number of reasons, animal welfare reforms are actually counter-productive to that goal. We also know that every new vegan does indeed make a positive contribution to reducing the overall level of animal exploitation.
Instead, we can ignore all the evidence and continue using tactics which have produced 150 years of miserable failure without conceding the possibility there may be a better way forward. Sounds like a plan to me!

Grumpy Old Vegan

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