måndag 26 maj 2014

A caged hen would prefer to be a free range chicken?"

A person wrote: "Indeed, advocating that slavers ought to give a slave a single beat with a rod is a totally reasonable move away from beating a slave half to death, and makes the next generation justified in abolishing all torture of slaves completely. If you can't, in your rational mind obviously, see this, then you are blinded by emotions. Don't you think a slave would prefer to be beaten only lightly rather than heavily, much like a caged hen would prefer to be a free range chicken?"

It isn't. Whole Foods, Chipotle and money others consciously market "humane animal products" because they know it will increase their sales, and thus more animals get exploited.
I think that a slave would prefer that we worked to abolish the exploitation, rather than legitimizing the animal exploitation by promoting Animal welfare reform that legitimize continued animal slavery. Doing this only confuses the public to believe that it is morally acceptable to consume animal foods and you create "conscientious omnivores" that see no reason at all to be vegan.
To promote animal exploitation as a means to eliminate animal exploitaton, is as morally wrong to promote "humane rape" or "humane racism" as a means to eliminate rasism or sexism.
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