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Different approaches of how to educate people to go vegan

Abolitionists are not saying that there isn't different valid approaches to reach out to people; we are saying that out of all various approaches to reach out to people we should avoid to use approaches that are inherently speciesist and Welfarist (i.e. that it is okay to kill and use animals assuming that you "treat them in the right way")). We are saying that we shouldn't promote animal exploitation (e.g. Meatless Monday, "happy meat" or lacto-ovo-vegetarianism).

This is a good quote:"OK I have an idea: we abolitionists challenge the welfare movement and say "we disagree with *what* you are doing because of these reasons and those reasons etc." Note that we don't say we disagree with *how* you are doing it: au contraire: you are very creative, have tons of talent, resources, energy, do all kinds of creative things in your animal welfare promotion. In fact we copy some of them: tabling, holding video nights or events, giving out literature, wearing t-shirts, holding information nights. So it's not how you are doing things generally that we object to, it's *what* you are doing -welfarism.

So we say: "We think you ought to be doing unequivocal nonviolent vegan advocacy." Then we go out and do nonviolent vegan advocacy and try to show people all the ways in which it can be done (i.e. a lot of the same ways in which animal welfare advocacy is done).

THEN you come back and say "You are doing it the wrong WAY! Your *delivery* is all off! Your *attitude* is all wrong! Your *personalities* are awful! Your way is not *effective*! Your way is too *this* or to *that* You are not doing it the *RIGHT WAY*!"

Well: if you think you can do it better than by all means: show us! Please! I would love to see more effective and creative ways of doing unequivocal, nonviolent vegan advocacy. Go for it! By all means! Let us know how it is done! Are you kidding?!!?! YES!

However, if by 'right way' you mean compromising the moral message, or being equivocal or promoting less than veganism - no thanks. Then it stops being about the 'way' it is done and is back to *what* is being done.

So that's my idea. Ok: go." - Quote from

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