måndag 5 maj 2014

Why vegans shouldn't promote Animal welfare reform

There are many people that like to promote "Animal welfare" reforms. It is such a normalized part of our society and few people question whether this could be harmful. Few people question what you are actually promoting by promoting laws that will "reform" any exploitation.

Animal are commodities in our society. When we make laws related to them it is a 'property law'. We make laws that will protect 'property' By making laws related to the 'property' we legitimize that animals are property in our society. The laws are not made in order to protect persons. The laws are made in order to protect the owner from 'property damage'.

When an animal advocate advocates for a law related to the animal prisoners that are imprisoned in this breeding system, they perpetuate and reinforce the property status that these animals have in our society. In the population’s eyes now the problem becomes the treatment, or rather the societal view that the treatment is the problem becomes reinforced, of the exploited animals and not the exploitation of breeding and killing animals at any whim.

This is a big reason of why I don't promote laws that legitimize the very institution that allows animals to be exploited, harmed and killed.
Promoting such reforms will increase the overall animal exploitation and legitimize animal exploitation. I won't legitimize animal exploitation regardless of that it has some positive (and very many negative) consequences. I am not a utilitarian and even in a 'utilitarian' perspective it wouldn't be justified since it increases the overall exploitation.

The reason why industry makes laws to protect "their property" is because that it maximizes their profit.
Animal welfare reform-advocates would say: 'Lets implement a reform that gives better condition for calves used for veal'. The consequence of this would be an increase in sales and increased exploitation of animals. One example of how industry promoted better condition for calves used for veal and how their profit and the exploitation increased: http://www.humanemyth.org/mediabase/1000.htm
This is what occur when you make the public more comfortable with animal exploitation.

So we have two choices:
1.Either we advocate for Animal welfare reforms, which industry would introduce anyways because that it maximizes their profit, and make the public more comfortable with their exploitation because of that we legitimize animal exploitation.
2. We promote nonviolent creative vegan education in many various forms and sow vegan seeds and make people understand that you have to go vegan in order to opt out of animal exploitation. This grassroots organization provides many good resources for this: http://www.facebook.com/abolitionistvegansociety

Further reading: http://law.bepress.com/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1021&context=rutgersnewarklwps

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