söndag 4 maj 2014

Vegans thoughts about Ahimsa milk

They are completely distorting the beautiful concept of Ahimsa – nonviolence and compassion to all living beings. It is not Ahimsa to use animals.  It is not Ahimsa to destroy and rip apart families. It is not Ahimsa to breed animals and to perpetatue domestcation/animal slavery. As long as animals are property under law and we breed animals into existence, they will have no real rights: http://law.bepress.com/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1021&context=rutgersnewarklwps


Paula C: I couldn't even read it all before I started feeling sick... just another example of humans trying to feel justified for using animals.. ok so the calf gets to stay with mummy for longer, BUT the kid napping of her calf still happens, she is still artificially inseminated (raped) she and her calf are still slaves, it's still exploitation and far from being kind.


I have discussed this issue with many, and the only dairy farms (including family farms) that I ever have encountered by people saying that you can consume dairy without exploiting animals can be put in one or several of the following categories:

1. They kill the male calves or the "milk cow".
2. They forecfully separate the "milk cow" from her children at some point in time.
3. They have to kill the bull they use to regularly impregnate the "milk cows" because that he gets to aggressive.

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