måndag 5 maj 2014

No moral difference between seal slaughter and other slaughter

PETA has a campaign against seal slaughter.

My comments:

Everyone on this thread agrees with that it is wrong to inflict unnecessary harm on animals.

We have no nutritional need for animal foods. The production of meat, milk, dairy products, honey, leather, eggs all involves exploitation. The animals used for eggs and dairy products are killed when their production declines. Cows, chickens and other animals regularly get their families destroyed. Cow mothers get their babies ripped away from them within the first week of them being born. I went vegan when I realized all of this, since I didn’t want to be a part of paying for animal exploitation.

There is no moral difference between the seal slaughter on the picture, compared to the breeding and slaughter of cows, chickens and other animals used for meat, dairy products, eggs, etc. If animals matter morally, we can't justify any kind of exploitation of them to satisfy our palate pleasure, convenience, etcetera.

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