torsdag 1 maj 2014

About Gary Yourofsky, and wishing violence on others

My reply to a person:To criticize a person for wishing others to be raped is not "bashing". It is just criticizing one aspect of a person's behaviour. I am glad for the good things Gary are doing.
I don't believe in making people into infallible heroes. We must be able to critcize the actions of one another.

Gary Yourofsky has expressed: "“Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever. While every man entrenched in fur should suffer an anal raping so horrific that they become disemboweled.” "

The reason why people aren't vegan is either out of ignorance or that they are not able to care and love enough - i.e. that they prioritize their palate pleasure/social pressure/convenience over making ethical decisions and not exploiting others. They don't care enough to stop making choices that exploit other sentient beings. Expressing hatred and violence towards non-vegans, will only increase their lack of care of other sentient beings. It doesn't help the cause. It will entrench the hatred that some vegans has for non-vegans, which in turn will make them less effective vegan educators. You can't educate anyone that you hate in an effective way.

If you believe in that violence is wrong, how does it then make sense to wish that others will be raped? How could that be moral? How is it healthy to wish evil to befall on others?

You wrote: "He feels that some people are also just purely incapable of feeling empathy for another being and that an eye for an eye would be the only way of making them see the suffering."

No, it wouldn't.
Non-vegans are perfectly able to understand that animals are suffering alot. But you also need to care enough in order to decide not to exploit them. And vegans raping you or hating you doesn't help this at ALL!!! And it is immoral to exploit others and wish others to be exploited.


Colin Wright "Nonvegans PAY to get animals raped and killed. How are the WORDS of an activist worse than the ACT of rape by nonvegans themselves?"

It's not about one being worse rhan another at all. That has no bearing on the issue! It's about not hurting yourself with anger and hatred. It's about not turning away peple who would otherwise come to be swayed by a message of peace for all sentient beings. It's about forgivness and being a beacon of hope to the sick, the disnefranchised and the fearful masses of non-Vegans who desparately need our help because once they understand what they are doing is wrong they will stop doing it.

Which ones of them will become Vegan are not even at issue. You can't know who and when which person will become Vegan or change their ways at all. The majority will and if you don't believe that then you might as well not live another day! Which is why we need to stop turning away people by ridiculing and threatening them and start spreading the message of PEACE to everyone we can!

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