måndag 12 maj 2014

How capitalism is incompatible with ecological sustainability

  • Jeff Melton Chris, capitalism is more than just "a problem"; the subordination of every aspect of economic life to the marketplace and the profit motive inevitably produces economic chaos, horrific exploitation of humans and animals alike, and ecological catastrophe. In the environmental realm, it is certainly true that without a major overhaul of the way people eat we are headed for certain disaster, but it is equally true that we are without a major overhaul of the economic system. And in the realm of treatment of sentient beings, even though human slavery has been legally abolished the vast majority of humans remain wage slaves, dependent on the sale of their labor power to capitalists for their survival since the ownership of means of production and finance are concentrated in so few hands. Nonhuman animals, on the other hand, are simply slaves. This is how capitalism by its very nature treats sentient beings and the environment. Capitalism MUST be overthrown somehow.

  • Jeff Melton Some thoughts on how capitalism is utterly incompatible with ecological sustainability: http://www.indypendent.org/2011/10/18/what-every-environmentalist-needs-know-about-capitalism

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