fredag 2 maj 2014

Why vegans shouldn't hate and do namecalling against non-vegans

I'm troubled by vegans calling people 'fur hags' and similar names. Why? Because it instantly says that fur is somehow morally 'worse' than wearing leather, silk, wool etc (and often these terms are also misogynistic). Morally, it's no different to purposely *using* animals in ANY way. I find it strange that I rarely see these same people attacking vegetarians as 'cow-abusers'. Personally, I find 'non-vegan' covers all the bases and leads to less confusion. It's not *how* animals are used, it's the fact *that* they are used which we need to end.

Well said! And if we want people to stop exploiting animals - hating them will not help our cause.

The reason why people aren't vegan is either out of ignorance our that they are not able to care and love enough - i.e. that they prioritize their palate pleasure/social pressure/convenience over making ethical decisions and not exploiting others. Expressing hatred and violence towards non-vegans, will only increase their lack of care of other sentient beings. It doesn't help the cause. It will entrench the hatred that some vegans has for non-vegans, which in turn will make them less effective vegan educators. You can't educate anyone that you hate in an effective way. Some more thoughts:

Another comment by Jonathan: 
 Please do read the thread - it will save me correcting any potential mis-representations on here. That said, it's worth noting that the thread was actually about name-calling and how I don't find it useful to call the people we-want-to-make-vegan, names - after all, where does it stop? Also, these names tend to be misogynistic in nature which is surely also to be avoided. It also concerned how calling someone 'fur hag' suggests that fur is worse than any other animal product. I presume a woman in a fur coat and leather boots would still be a fur hag? If not, what would you call a woman in fur AND leather? 

On that point, do you have names for leather wearers? It's just I've never heard any. Is that because leather isn't deemed to be as bad as fur? 

*That was the point of the thread - NOT the effectiveness (or not) of demos* 

I guess calling leather-wearers names would offend 90% of the population - again, not helpful when we *need* them to go vegan.

*If* the aim is to make people vegans (that is the aim, right?), I don't believe going around calling people names is a great way to do it. After all, we teach children that name-calling is wrong, but suddenly it's OK in Animal Rights? I just don't see how any positivity comes from alienating the very people we *need* to go vegan.

I notice that I/contributors to the thread have been called names on here, ah well, that's fine - we're vegan so we don't need to be converted.

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