lördag 16 februari 2013

There is no such thing as "humane" slaughter. Killing an innocent being is not humane.

I think that people are goodhearted and that most are disconnected with the animals. We need to make them connected. For example making the persons fighting for some single issue-campaigns understand the following:

To kill any animal regardless of species is the worst atrocity and the leaders of our society do not fight against this at all. This is the worst form of being inhumane. Killing a being is the complete opposite of being humane. And 56 billion land animals + more than 1000 billion marine animals are getting killed each year.

However the hope is that more and more people are turning and becoming vegans, and that they are inspiring others to do likewise.

If you claim that it is morally wrong to cause suffering and death to any animal, then you should stop treating animals as property and without moral value by eating animal products. As long as animals are treated as property they - animals of all species - will suffer and die. Taking the life of any sentient being isn't moral -regardless of whether it is the dog or cat you live with, or the cow or sheep that lives with someone else.
This is what happens to "milk-cows" because of that people are consuming milk products: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Rg3Yfdbs24I
More arguments of why you shouldn't eat animal products: www.worldpeacediet.org

There is a vast difference between the "animal welfare"-movement and the "animal rights"-movement, see this [also the website contains essential information for efficient vegan advocacy]: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/the-abolitionist-approach-and-farm-sanctuary-discuss-happy-meat-abolition-and-welfare-reform/#.UR_ZWGcrEWk

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