söndag 10 februari 2013

Cows and their suffering caused by milk drinking

Everyone who is waking up for the fact that their eating habits are causing animals unnecessary suffering and death, and since people are good at heart, then they want to turn vegan.
It is morally wrong to kill another sentient being in the absence of a true conflict or compulsio - regardless of if the sentient being is a dog, a cat or a cow, or any other animal.

The average life-length of a cow in Sweden i 5 years [and it is the same in the States] (either they get sick because of all abuse they been through, or they can't produce enough milk for the farmer's greed, because their bodies are getting worn out). Ignoring the pain and the feelings of the cows, they murder the cows when they can't produce any more milk. I understand that many are very disconnected and actually do think that they do the best they can for their animals. It doesn't change reality though.

That the average cow become only 5 year [numbers from the milk-industry] shows how abusive the average treatment is and excessive milking is to cows.

Having said this, I know there are farmers or families who are less abusive to their cows, but it doesn't in anyway justify the routine-practice of killing their male-calves born [Google the 'veal industry'] (or selling them to someone who will brutally slaughter them), and to use the animal for "our purposes" [milk-products are only for "taste" and "enjoyment", and it causes diseases: http://www.news-medical.net/news/2005/09/12/13120.aspx and Forkes over Knives; and The China Study]. Taking the life of another sentient being is the biggest moral atrocity one can do to any sentient being, and his/her family. Drinking milk causes the cows to be raped, heavily abused, having their milk stolen, having their calves stolen the same day the conceive them,  having their male calves slaughtered for "meat", having the cows being killed 5 years old because that they can't produce enough milk.
Please stop this death and suffering! Please make loving and compassionate choices - vegan choices - when you eat.

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