söndag 24 februari 2013

Religious and vegan? Wouldn't a Loving and Compassionate God endorse “unnecessary” animal suffering and death?

A post to anyone who cares about or loves animals and want them to have a good life:
We all agree that “unnecessary” animal suffering and death are morally wrong.
I think you all would agree that a Loving and Compassionate Creator wouldn't endorse “unnecessary” animal suffering and death.

If that means anything at all, it must mean that we cannot justify animal suffering and death by reasons of pleasure or convenience. But what is our best justification for imposing suffering and death on the 56 billion animals (excluding fish) we eat annually?
Pleasure. Convenience.
So the only justification we have is that which we agree cannot suffice. This is moral schizophrenia.

Animals are sentient. Animals do care about their life. Animals don't want to be killed and don't want to be separated from their families. If we care about other animals, more than our "taste" , "pleasure" or "convenience", we must extend our love and compassion in the choices that we make.

Do you know this about milk-products:
In the milk industry cows are raped [usually impregnated by a  machine], having their milk routinely stolen (and cows milk, just as other animal foods are detrimental to human health: http://www.adelicatebalance.com.au/ ), having their calves stolen often the same day they conceive them, having their male calves slaughtered for "meat" ('veal industry'), having the cows being killed usually 5 years old because that they can't produce enough milk.

"When a dairy cow cries to be milked, this is what her whole heart is missing [her calf milking her]. Not a merciless, mechanical milking unit.
It makes me cringe with embarrassment that we would even think of invading this very private and intimate ritual between mother and child. It is such a relief to be vegan."
All animal products are causing animals death, confinement and suffering.

This is a wonderful movie with cows (non gory): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vcQ6yBEE5N0
Animals have the right to be free and not to be enslaved, confined, inflicted with suffering and pain and killed just because of "tradition", "taste", "enjoyment" or "convenience". I really recommend this article: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/what-are-the-roots-of-freedom-and-slavery/

If you are not a vegan, you are participating directly in animal exploitation. Being a vegan is easy, better for your health, and the most powerful way that you, as an individual, can say “no” to animal exploitation.

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  1. The author is blurring.the difference between man and animals. He forgets that only recently he milked a cow without a thought of confining or causing the cow suffering.....because he wasn't causing it suffering. Actually it was a symbiotic relationship wherein the cow was fed and protected in exchange for it's milk.

    The author has over compensated for some reason, perhaps because he was not treated kindly.

  2. Concerning a loving Creator - is there an objective understanding of this Creator? Does He make any distinction between man and animals? The objective data exists to observe the difference's between man and animals.

    Man can communicate his understanding within his species and is able to achieve greater deeds for the benefit of both man and animals or conversely hurt and destroy both man and animals. This is not a capability of animals. They have never, outside of the initiation of man, been shown to "think" and even this may be an anthropomorphism. Animals have no ability to be moral. They are like programs that only man can possibly modify.

    But there is an Instruction, that if understood in terms of discrete mathematical logic, which always includes kindness, addresses an acceptable treatment of animals.

    I do not condone cruelty to any animal and hope those that raise animals for consumption will treat the animal humanely. I would be willing to participate with organizations that monitor the humane treatment of animals raised for food but they would have to have objective guidelines. I do not however think it is logical to attribute human emotions and logic to animals. As for fish, which in so many cases eat each other and that by means of engulfing and pulverizing littler fish and animals, they are obviously cruel and should be humanely filleted and eaten.