lördag 16 februari 2013

Bible vision, humans and animals living in harmony? Living in a vegan world without killing?

Thanks for caring about the other animals!
My point is that not only the "meat" itself is causing animals to suffer and get killed both directly and indirectly (since the exploitation is giving animals "property"-status, which makes them vulnerable to all kinds of mistreatment, including getting killed), but also other animal products, such as eggs, milk, honey, leather, down and feathers.
When it comes to leather, e.g. the practise in many Jewish communities of donning of leather-made tephilin is very problematic. It cannot be morally right to kill an animal for any religious tradition. And neither could it be a commandment from a benevolent and merciful Creator. And the animal sacrifices of the Bible, that many pray for will be reestablished in the "third temple" :'(

I like this statement:
"Part of that redemption is for all of G-d's creatures both human and the animal kingdom to live in harmony. How can we if we the humans are killing our animal friends and devouring them simply as you state our selfish desire to satisfy our palate?"

If you are against all forms of animal exploitation and not participating in these - then you are a vegan. Then you hopefully will do the best also with your time do make people understand that it is morally wrong to exploit and kill other sentient beings. Many people want animals well, but are disconnected and brainwashed because of years of propaganda and they themselves participating in exploitation, and don't understand this concept, which we are born with intuitively.

Your vision is that humans and animals should live in harmony. This is only possible in a vegan world, where we don't exploit animals by e.g. talking the calves milk from cows, killing male calves of milking mothers, stealing the calves from their mother when they are only one or a few day, taking the eggs from the hens that needs to eat them to replenish their storage of calcium, stealing the honey from the bees that work very hard and needs the honey (and usually hurting and killing bees in the process), killing cows for leather :'(, killing geese for down :'(, killing animals for fur, killing millions of dogs and cats on "animal shelters", and the list can go on, and on, and on, and on.

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