fredag 26 april 2013

PETA's and 'animal welfare-organizations undercover investigations are problematic

PETA does not advocate veganism as a moral baseline and also their undercovercover investigations are problematic:
"Using the Land-o-Lakes investigation as an example, we see that PETA’s blog report on the investigation emphasizes how important it is for Land-o-Lakes to “buy milk only from farms that meet our 12-point animal welfare plan, which would prevent much of the suffering we documented at this farm.” PETA’s 12-point animal welfare plan reads like an industry consultant’s quality control recommendations and refers to industry’s own standards and literature (e.g. Elanco Body Scoring Chart for Dairy Cattle and the American Veterinary Medical Association’s AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia). [1]
Does PETA suggest that people go vegan? No. The blog report states “For those of you who can’t stomach the thought of eating butter after watching that video, take a minute to tell Land-o-Lakes to implement our 12-point animal welfare plan. Then check out one of the many vegan butter alternatives that are widely available.”"

Learn more about the correct abolitionist approach here:
PETA's approach is counterproductive and supports 'happy exploitaiton'.

When animal organizations do undercover investigations, claim to have uncovered "animal cruelty," and celebrate when individual employees plead "GUILTY!," they imply to the public (99% of which consumes animal products), that there is animal use that is "cruel" and animal use that is not "cruel." They imply to the public that justice has been served when justice will never be served for animals until they are no longer exploited and killed.

Simply put, we must shift the paradigm from the idea there are individual acts of "animal cruelty" in the animal use industries that exploit and kill 110 billion animals per year to the idea the animal use industries themselves must end by removing the demand for animal products by creating vegans. The animal use industries are a monstrous conglomeration of billions of individual acts of "animal cruelty." And the problem is not the supply; the problem is the demand.

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