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Vegan answer 'I eat animals because I don't want to kill plants'

First of all, I recommend you to study this answer about plants. Here is a quote:
Of course, no one who asks this question really thinks that we cannot distinguish between, say, a chicken and a head of lettuce. That is, if, at your next dinner party, you chop a head of lettuce in front of your guests, you will get a different reaction than if you were to carve a live chicken. If, while walking in your garden, I step on a flower intentionally, you may quite correctly be annoyed with me, but if I intentionally kicked your dog, you would be upset with me in a different way. No one really thinks of these as equivalent acts. Everyone recognizes that there is an important difference between the plant and the dog that make kicking the dog a morally more serious act than stepping on a flower.
The difference between the animal and the plant involves sentience. That is, nonhumans—or at least the ones we routinely exploit—are clearly conscious of sense perceptions. Sentient beings have minds; they have preferences, desires, or wants. This is not to say that animal minds are like human minds. For example, the minds of humans, who use symbolic language to navigate their world, may be very different from the minds of bats, who use echolocation to navigate theirs. It is difficult to know. But it is irrelevant; the human and the bat are both sentient. They are both the sorts of beings who have interests; they both have preferences, desires, or wants. The human and the bat may think differently about those interests, but there can be no serious doubt that both have interests, including an interest in avoiding pain and suffering and an interest in continued existence."
Read more here: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/a-frequently-asked-question-what-about-plants/

Second of all, if you think that plants are sentient beings, think about the following:
First off you don't kill plants. (..) If you eat an apple does the apple tree die?
You throw the apple seeds into the ground another apple tree may sprout. Where is the killing?
Do you know that if you planted a carrot top into the soil it will start growing again. Although you won't get a full grown carrot but it does grow.
The only plants you actually "kill" are then ones you need to uproot the roots for.
Take a look at a grain or legume field a soy, rice or wheat field. They are brown when its ready to harvest.
Thats because the plant is dead. I was a part of a seed conservation project.
You cannot conserve seeds from a live plant. Lets take soy. If you plucked the edmame the green raw soy it will rot in some time. Very rarely does it become hard. You have to wait for the plant to die. During this process the seed/legume produces enough phytic acid to protect it and becomes dry natural. Such seeds/legumes stay for years without getting spoiled.

Then plants and humans/animal have a symbiotic relationship. Plants can't move. They need external help. that is why they produce nectar so they can attract the bees and butterflies that help them cross pollinate the flowers so they can reproduce.

Seeds that fall to the ground from overripe fruits or other plants do not grow into a tree. Because the "parent" plant shade and roots does not allow it to grow.
A human or an animal has to eat that fruit and disperse it far enough so it can grow.
This is how all natural fruit groves have come into existence.

A study found that 80% of all trees were planted by squirrels. They store nuts for winter and then they forget where they have stored it, when monsoon comes these nuts grow into trees.

So get it out of your head that you are killing any plants, that is just a myth .

If you are concerned about carrots then you can follow Jain Philosophy Manish Jain Can help you more with this.
Donald Watson was inspired by Jain philosophy of Ahimsa and Veganism is based on it.
They don't eat carrots, potatoes, and other roots vegetables Manish can help you with what to avoid and what are the alternatives.

-------------More Resources:
 Plants cannot feel pain; one would need nerve receptors to do that. . It was determined that the "feelings" in plants studied in The Plant Perception were only responding to vibrations. Even scientists dismiss the theory in The Plant Perception because the plants do not have a nervous system. Here's your research


Thankfully we don't need to make excuses for the unnecessary reasons to why we kill animals without moral justification, simply to please our palates. We all have open minds, common sense, and a desire to do the right thing to help us.



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