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There is not more animal cruelty in China compared to America or Europe

Many people and some animal organizations are coming with anti-Chinese message and are claiming that Chinese people are cruel.
Here is what I wrote as a response to this false statement:
"The average Chinese still only eats half the meat that his American counterpart does."
There is no less animal cruelty in America and European countries compared to China. E.g. the average American eats twice amount of dead animals as the average Chinese (i.e. because of their choices double as many animals are enslaved, confined, tortured, killed, losing their families, friends, life and purpose).

People eat their meat, drink their milk, eat their eggs, wear their fur, without having a real understanding of whom the animals are and the suffering they are causing them by their actions. Hearing about it is not the same thing as understanding. Even if they understand it to some degree, some people are so hurt, so disconnected, so enslaved by their choices, that they have a hard time to feel any love, compassion and empathy. They have lost their true self, their true love and compassion to all beings, and it takes a lot of work to rewake their love, compassion and consciousness and connectedness for all beings. It is not people who are our enemy, it is this culture which teaches that animals are commodities. People we should help to find their true self of love and compassion - and the goal to reach this is to show them love and compassion (despite that their actions are causing animals enormous pain and suffering). Most people who are now vegans, were once disconnected themselves, and animals were enslaved, abused and killed because of their daily choices.
This happens because animals are treated as property and not as individuals in our society. For each non-vegan choice this property-status is sadly perpetuated. The most effective way to end all animal abuse is to spread a consistent vegan message. Companies will continue to exploit animals as long as their is a demand.

People doing this have been brainwashed by our culture, and their daily choices since their childhood. They have lost their understanding, compassion and love for animals. They are prisoned and are suffering because of this. They don't truly understand the pain they are causing. However, if we educate them and treat them with love and compassion, eventually they can wake up.

Good quote:
"This animal slavery is more deeply entwined and ingrained into the fabric of our culture than human slavery, and it is this underlying pervasive and invisible violence of animal slavery that conditions our minds, feelings, and behavior to create a human society that mirrors the injustice and cruelty we routinely inflict on the animals we own. Historically, human slavery followed on the heels of animal slavery, and by stealing the sovereignty of animals, we historically created precisely the mindset of reductionism, domination, privilege, and disconnectedness that has led to and continues to generate slavery and injustice in our human society. How can we ever expect to create a society of freedom, equality, and harmony among humans when we routinely and heedlessly inflict the opposite on other living beings on such a large scale?"

  • Veronique Perrot HC Excellent answer Anders!!!!! And isn't that the truth. Those who critique other cultures usually blame them for what they do themselves.
  • Anders Branderud Nicole, I know, and the Chinese population is 4 times bigger, so the average Chinese eats half the amount of meat compared to the average American.
  • Anders Branderud And the influence of Western consumption habits sadly have had a huge impact on the dramatic increase of the meat consumption in China. Countries are exporting animal cruelty, and then many individuals are blaming whole eastern Asian countries for the behavior they themselves are a part of.
  • Veronique Perrot HC Unfortunately. Or when you hear Japanese now spelling the western dairy gospel: "we need milk for calcium" as if it had always been the truth there.
  •  "Excellent answer Anders!!!!! And isn't that the truth. Those who critique other cultures usually blame them for what they do themselves."
    Thanks! Yes that is so true!

    And then sadly some are creating anti-Chinese campaign with a violent picture, claiming that "China is sadist and cruel" [ : ( ], which are shared by thousands, and liked by tens of thousands; spreading the hatred and racism towards all Chinese persons. Those threads are always full of racist comments.
    What is witnessed in those picture occurs daily in the slaughter houses of all countries - a small amount of people participate in the direct violence, and the virtual majority pays slaughter house workers to do it for them.

    We vegans shouldn't spread such campaigns, but should practise Ahimsa in our actions and speech. And we should make and help people understand their disconnectedness, which we are not doing when we point out a certain people group and accuse them all of being "sadists".
    Those racist campaigns just enforce people's disconnectedness and make them see others as being "cruel to animals", while they themselves are animal lovers, fighting for animal rights; but, the reality is that many people sharing those campaigns are working against animal rights by their daily non-vegan choices.
    And the same disconnectedness and confusion is enforced by all other single issue-campaigns: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/03/single-issue-campaigns-such-as-anti-fur.html

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