onsdag 24 april 2013

The way to transition to veganism is not through "lacto-ovo-vegetarianism"

Hello dear vegan friends,
How do we encourage our friends transition to veganism??
I think if we ever give a challenge to a person that is not ready  to go vegan directly, that it shouldn't be a challenge to go e.g. ovo-lacto-"vegetarian" first, but to challenge them to make some vegan meals, and then progressively increase the number of vegan meals (see below).
Because if they are continuing to eat animal products at every meal, they are still participating in animal exploitaiton at every meal, and may even increase their exploitation by buying more animal products than before (e.g. removing meat, but buying much more milk products).
They are still participating in animal exploitation and won't be able to feel the real, true experience of making loving, compassionate and nonviolent vegan choices; and getting the understanding that comes from this.
I agree with the following great suggestions:
Many people fail because they get distracted by the common misconception that if you either go vegetarian first, have meat-free Mondays, or switch to free-range animal products; that you will be on the path to being vegan … eventually. These approaches are doomed to fail as they have absolutely nothing to do with being vegan.

The solution is simple: if you want to go vegan, then be 100% vegan.
Even if you start with 1 meal a week.
Many people discover the truth about animal exploitation and become ethical vegans immediately. That is often the easiest solution as going vegan is really easy! If you have realised that the only way to live in alignment with your own moral compass is to stop eating animal products, then don’t let anything stand in your way, go vegan right away. Start making a difference in your life today and you will receive the benefits of health and peace of mind immediately. However, if you would like a more gradual approach, try one of the following methods to get you started on your vegan journey.
Before you start… remember that the disadvantage of transitioning to vegan and not doing it right away, is that people will pick on you for not being consistent. They will question you on why you are so inflexible about not eating one animal product and yet you eat another.

    Never allow anybody to undermine the efforts you are making to go vegan. Every time you refuse an animal product, as long as you are replacing it with a vegan option and not another animal product, then you are saving someone’s life.

Your goal is to be vegan and you are moving towards your goal at your own pace. Just because you cannot do everything, does not mean you must do nothing.
Ways You Can Transition
    Vegan Meal 1-2-3-4
    Vegan Days 3-5-7
    Vegan Mondays +1
    Vegan Substitute
    My Favourite Things
    Vegan at Home
    Vegan Challenge
What do you think?

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