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Eating foie grass fed geese is unethical, and so is eating any other meat, or animal product

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Single issue-campaigns don't help non-vegans to understand the problem of all animal explitation and the necessity to go vegan, and they: 'invariably convey the impression that some forms of animal exploitation are morally distinguishable from others and are worse or should be singled out for special criticism. For example, a campaign against fur conveys the impression that there is some morally relevant difference between fur and other forms of animal clothing, such as leather or wool.'
[ Quote from very good article: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/vegan-education-made-easy-part-2/#.UXQRxMqwD-E ]

A campaign against foie grass fed animals  conveys the impression that eating this is morally more objectionable than eating other meat, or drinking milk or eating eggs.
 I think we should show people the problem with animal exploitation, including eating animal products, and inspire people to go vegan, instead of signing single-issue-campaign-petitions. Giving the information, raising their consciousness, and enable them to make loving, compassionate and nonviolent decisions. People are brainwashed by the indoctrination of our culture since their childhood, and need our help to understand this.

If you join the group above, please write and show how all animal exploitation is bad, and why we have to go vegans in order to stop participating in animal exploitaiton.
Today I was out with the dogs we take care of and had a great conversation with two persons, and had  a really good conversation about veganism. I recommended them the wonderful book - World Peace Diet (www.worldpeacediet.org ) written by Will Tuttle.
I also spend most of my leisure time educating people about the necessity to treat all animals with love, compassion and nonviolence.
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