tisdag 23 april 2013

The former rancher who killed cows,but later regained his empathy and became a vegan

The reason why people argue that it is right to eat animal products, is because of the indoctrination of our culture since childhood. I did the same until the last autumn when I became a vegan.

The followins is a very touching story. A rancher that from the beginning in his childhood connected with cows and other animals that people slaughtered; but then learned to disconnect and ignore their feelings. Later on he once again learnt to feel empathy for the cows through a meeting with a cow he adopted at Animal Sanctuary. Eventually he became a vegan.
Read about it here: www.farmkind.org

People have empathy for their dogs. A Cow is no different in feeling suffering, fear, joy and bond to his/her family. Neither of them should be on our plants!!!! We should treat others as we want to be treated ourselves
All animals are conscious and they do value life as much as we do.

The following applies to all animals: humans, dogs, cats, cows, etc.:
If we don't want to be killed, we shouldn't kill other being.
If we don't want someone else to steal our family, we shouldn't steal their family.
If we want to find our purpose in this world, we shouldn't steal others purpose.
If we don't want to be exploited and abused, we shouldn't abuse anyone else.
If we don't want to become enslaved, we shouldn't keep anyone else as a slave.
If we don't want to hurt any animals, we must become vegans (i.e. stop eating, wearing and using animal products, and in other ways do actions that are hurting and killing animals).
If we love animals, we don't kill animals. We don't kill and eat anyone that we love. If we love animals, we must support their want to not be oppressed, including not to be killed.

And this is a wonderful lecture by Will Tuttle who also grew up as a non-vegan, disconnected to the animals, but later in his life made the connection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLgGnP0pWzM

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