lördag 20 april 2013

It is not respecting the animals to eat bodies of dead animals.

I wrote this to a person:
Ronald Kershaw Poyntz ,
Thanks for going vegan. It is the only ethical, loving and compassionate thing to do.

You wrote: "and now I am finishing off the meat in my fridge (they died for us, let's respect their remains)"
We are not respecting the animals by eating their dead carcasses. We are perpetuating their status as property and commodities by eating their dead carcasses. We don't eat humans animal friends and relatives that were murdered. Neither should we eat our non-human animal friends.

Furthermore it is destructive physically to eat animal products (http://www.adelicatebalance.com.au/) and spiritually.
"As I see it; my spiritual progress depends on a vegan life from now on." Yes it does. And all beings rejoice for each persons becoming vegan.
I would also like to recommend you the wonderful book World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, which I found very helpful: http://www.worldpeacediet.org/

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