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Historical Jesus was a vegan, didn't eat lamb and fish as the Bible says

The real Jesus/Yeshua had a message of nonviolence, love and compassion to everyone. He didn't hurt and kill anyone.
Research proves that Jesus/Yeshua was a vegan (i.e. he didn't use, hurt, kill, exploit and steal from animals): (book review by Will Tuttle, who has written the wonderful book World Peace Diet (
The Bible doesn't accurately reflect what he taught; it is a mix of his teachings and Church redactions. So he would have never justified us killing and eating animals for trivial reasons such as “taste”, convenience or habit, which is the reason that people enslave, hurt, kill and eat animals today. Clearly inflicting unnecessary suffering and death upon an individual can never be justified:

So when he said we should treat others as we ourselves want to be treated ourselves, and to love our neighbor as ourselves, he referred to everyone (human and nonhuman animals).
If we don't want to be killed, we shouldn't kill another being.
If we don't want someone else to steal our family, we shouldn't steal their family.
If we want to find our purpose in this world, we shouldn't steal others purpose.

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Thanks for many nice and compassionate words!

I would like to comment on this:
Quote: "Yes, there was a time when we were to eat meat, but that time was long ago and is long gone. "
It has always been unethical to take somees life, to deprive someone on his/her purpose of this life.
I think that statements ascribed to Jesus partaking of the Jewish ritual passover (innocent lamb), and eating fish, are later redactions. I think the historical Jesus understood it is wrong to oppress other sentient beings, and that his radical message of love and compassion to all sentient beings, radically threatened the power elite.

"From the viewpoint of its deepest and most eternal and universal teachings‚to love God, and to love our neighbor as ourself‚ the Bible unequivocally condemns animal slavery just as it condemns human slavery.

We must stop using the Bible to justify animal abuse, but rather use it to guide us in our quest for peace and justice for all beings." [I also think the book World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle will be very helpful to you all; it surely is for me. ]

Learn more here:

I don't agree with all of this, but this is the perspective from a Christian vegan:
"I worship Jesus Christ and live by the bible. I understand it well and also understand it is subject to perspective of the individual reading it. I was provided a vegan diet by the almighty. I am a Christian vegan who does not support in the torture of the life that has been placed on this earth. I do not use Jesus to support torture and killing of any living being. Yes, there was a time when we were to eat meat, but that time was long ago and is long gone. In that time animals were not electrocuted via their anus. They were not skinned alive, debeaked, forcefed so we could eat their fatty liver, raped, ground up alive or killed when there were not actually needed. We live in a world today where we can have every one of our nutritional needs met without killing any of the precious lives God has provided. When I stand before God, with my arms outstretched ready to enter the kingdom, the first thing God will see is me, not the blood on my hands."

- Christine Jakins, Vegan

Debbie, Please read the links that I included.
Why do you think that Jesus would have inflicted unnecessary pain and death, stolen the purpose of sentient fish, destroyed their families and friend relationsships, just for a “taste” experience, custom or tradition?
I think that Jesus showed love compassion and nonviolence to all living beings.

The Bible contains many sayings of Jesus, but it was also redacted by the Church. They decided what would be in the Bible.

Read more here:

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