fredag 31 maj 2013

Veganism is not elitism, discrimination against species is elitism

Kristen S Aldrich ,
“My family is differently dieted from me and we make compromises, why am I automatically un-compassionate and violent.””
It is not about you and your intentions; it is about the choices you make. I certainly believe you are very goodhearted. However, goodhearted people, just like I believe non-vegan people are in general, do make violent choices that certainly doesn’t demonstrate love and compassion toward our nonhuman fellow sentient earthlings. I did it myself. I became a vegan last autumn after almost 28 years of thinking that it was right to hurt and kill animals for trivial and unnecessary reasons such as food (when we know everyone can survive and thrive on a vegan diet, see below). How can you love and demonstrate compassion toward an individual that you enslave, hurt and kill for food. They value their lives as much as we value our lives. Why can’t we respect their fundamental and basic right to live?

Btw, all animal products, not only meat, is causing the enslavement, exploitation and killing of nonhuman animals. E.g. milk cows are heavily exploited and usually get killed when they are 5 years old in the milk industry, after a live of misery, and getting their calves stolen after each pregnancy, in order so that man can take the milk of the cows. Learn more here:

Humans evolved eating a starch-based diet (many ate some animal products) (see: ), however this isn’t relevant for the morality. We have the choice and opportunity to eat a vegan diet, and choosing not to do so, is inflicting unnecessary suffering and death upon our fellow sentient earthlings.
All people can get all nutrition they need on a vegan diet:
“I can't force them to change their entire lifestyle for my morals.”
Hurting and killing other sentient beings for animal products isn’t any subjective moral-issue, it is about our obligations in our treatment of non-human animals. You probably agree with me that animal abuse is morally wrong, and to follow what you believe in morally, necessitates going vegan:
It is not elitism, just like be against racisism, hetrosexim, sexism and any other discrimination, isn’t elitism. All opposition against discrimination is certainly without compromise.

“Also I was raised by hunters, animals dying doesn't really bother me.” This is just because you are disconnected to who the animals, what they feel and their inherent moral rights. This is the case for every exploitation and discrimination, that the person inflicting harm upon another being is disconnected to the victim, and doesn’t understand the suffering and violence he/she is inflicting and how it effect the victim.

Write this in all well-meaning. Only veganism will make us and all the animals truly free, a non-discriminatory, nonviolent and compassionate lifestyle to all living beings is the only way for peace. As long as we sow suffering and violence towards our fellow earthlings, our culture will be inflicted by violence.

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