torsdag 23 maj 2013

Gandhi, pacifism, veganism and nonviolence

I don’t understand why people misrepresent the position of nonviolence and pacifism as being ’paralyzed’.
The opposite is true. A person dedicated to nonviolence constantly educates people to treat others with love, compassion and nonviolence, and this is the only way to change people. A pacifist constantly educates others and encourages them to remove the violence in their lives. Changing people’s heart is the only way to make this world a world of nonviolence, love, and compassion, where no animal is abuse, enslaved, exploited and killed.

Quote I like:
“Let us meditate for several minutes today on Gandhi’s fundamental teaching of Ahimsa, or nonviolence.
Gandhi said many things worth meditating upon. Two of my favorites are:
You must be the change you want to see in the world.
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
Remember that violence is the problem; it is not ever going to be the solution. If we want real change, we must change. We must experience a revolution of the heart in which we realize that peace is the only path to pursue. Every other path will lead us astray.
Practice peace and nonviolence in your everyday life; in every interaction that you have. That does not mean that you do not speak the truth. Gandhi was insistent on satyagraha, or holding firmly to truth. But he believed that we should always express that truth without violence in our thoughts, words, and deeds.”

Standing for Ahimsa (non-violence and compassion to all living beings) requires us standing up against injustices and violence against other sentient beings, regardless if they happen to be humans, fish, cats, dogs or of any other species. Standing silent only perpetuates the status quo of injustices, violence and slavery perpetuated on a massive scale against innocent sentient beings; and makes the bystander guilty for not standing up and defending the defenseless and oppressed.
Only a spiritual awakening to the so simple fact that all beings are consciousness (fish, dogs, cats, humans and all other beings) and that all equally has the same right to live as humans, and that all should be treated with love, compassion and nonviolence, will transform our violent culture that is so filled of injustices, oppression, slavery and suffering.

I recommend this article:
and this article about Ahimsa:

"The history of humankind is a history of violence. If violence worked we would be living in an utopia right now. We are not. The world is more violent than it has every been."
Gary Francione

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