lördag 25 maj 2013

How a vegan feels about seeing meat, milk, eggs and other animal products

How a vegan feels about seeing meat, milk, eggs and other animal products:
 I saw a dead chicken on my newsfeed. I was saddened by his death. Not only me, but also his family and friends.
Before his death he was living as a slave, bred up and used, unnecessary exploited, treated as property, a life full of suffering and misery, treated as a commodity. We speak about love, nonviolence and respect; but our plates are filled with unnecessary violence, suffering and exploitation.

Why not look at the situation in the eyes of the victim, the animal that gets abused.
Why not extend our love, compassion and justice to all species.
After all, whether we are consciousness in a human body or in a chicken body or any other body, doesn't change the reality that we are sentient beings with a desire and right to live.

Dog abuse for enjoyment is morally wrong. Unnecessary killing of dogs or
chickens for taste and pleasure is morally no different, since we can get all nutrition through a vegan diet. [More info here: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/what-michael-vick-taught-us/ ]
See the videos at www.vegankit.com - learn about how the animals are, what they go through and their rights.

Take care! I only want to help everyone on this planet.

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