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Vegan/strict vegetarian reply to 'Does the world has enough arable farmland to provide adequate nutrition for 7 billion people'?

In USA alone 800 million People could be fed by the food that 'livestock' is fed with today:

'From one ecologist's perspective, the American system of farming grain-fed livestock consumes resources far out of proportion to the yield, accelerates soil erosion, affects world food supply and will be changing in the future.

"If all the grain currently fed to livestock in the United States were consumed directly by people, the number of people who could be fed would be nearly 800 million," David Pimentel, professor of ecology in Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, reported at the July 24-26 meeting of the Canadian Society of Animal Science in Montreal. Or, if those grains were exported, it would boost the U.S. trade balance by $80 billion a year, Pimentel estimated.

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For references:

More thoughts:
PaulYork AnimalRights Dustin, if you look at the most thorough scientific report on the subject, Livestock's Long Shadow, which is online, it reveals that 11x more arable land and water is use to grow feedcrops to produce meat than a comparable amount of veggies -- meaning that we can feed many times more people by switching to a plant-based diet. It could solve world hunger easily, but all those resources are being wasted to produce a relatively small amount of food, at great expense to the environment and human health -- so meat-eating is wasteful and elitist. Then there is the fact that it is #1 cause of increased risk of pandemic disease, that could wipe humanity out. To eat animals is to be against humanity and human rights because of health, global warming, water waste, pandemic disease, world hunger. From a purely humanistic perspective it is a terrible crime. That is why the IPCC and UN both strongly recommend elimination of meat from human diets, and plant-based protein instead.


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