tisdag 30 juli 2013

How does a vegan diet and permaculture help cease poverty and starvation?

Regarding poverty and starvation I recommend you to study:

I made a simple calculation here how Bangladesh could become self-sustained, and everyone in Bangladesh could be fed on the arable land that is available today, if everyone ate a vegan diet: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/04/cause-of-injustices-in-bangladesh-eg-in.html

It is very clear that we would be able to feed everyone on this planet if everyone ate a vegan diet.
We can also revive desert land, and make them arable, by permaculture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CxP0Thljr4

As for when humans not any more use domesticated animals: We will stop all domestication and breeding of animals. That means in a vegan world we won’t breed, feed and kill about 58 billion domesticated animals per year.
I think it is very easy:
1. It is wrong to inflict suffering and death on sentient beings (human or nonhuman) without any necessity.

2. Whatever necessity includes, it must, if it is to be meaningful, exclude the imposition of suffering and death for reasons of pleasure, amusement, or convenience.

3. Apart from life boat/desert island scenarios, there is no need to eat animal foods to be healthy.

4. Therefore, eating animal foods outside of extreme situations serves only pleasure, amusement, or convenience.

5. Therefore, it is morally wrong to inflict suffering and death on animals for food.

Quotes and subsequent discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/abolitionistapproach/posts/630709030282188

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