onsdag 31 juli 2013

IgE mediated allergies and dairy vs. a vegan diet?

Here is a post relating to IgE mediated allergies written by Jeff Novick, RD:

"However, in regard to the situation you described above, you do not have to go through the process of doing a full elimination diet (or allergy testing) as your main concern is one food, which we already know is highly reactive and implicated in this situation. As you may know, there are many health professionals, myself included, that beleive dairy is the single worst food humans could be consuming and the one food we would all eliminate from the food supply if we could.

A full elimination diet does take time and effort because it is a slow process. However, in regard to eczema, there is enough evidence to just encourage any parent to just begin by eliminating dairy.

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If your nutritionist or immunologist doesn't now that dairy is bad for your health, I think you shouldn't trust their competence.
Please do your research instead of relying on people who lack knowledge.
There are many nutritionist that know dairy is bad for your health. Some claim that it is good. Obviously, many of the nutritionists are very wrong.

Dairy is foods for cows and its composition is good for calves when they are growing up. It has never been an ideal food for humans, and it is detrimental for human health. I have shared plenty of resources to you, and if you are interested of your health, and to stop exploiting animals, you should be willing to study this. Please do.

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