söndag 12 maj 2013

Humans are not meant to eat meat, and animals are not meant to be killed by humans

"as in sheep cattle chickens as they are ment to be eaten .."

Why do you believe that we have the right to enslave, hurt, eat and inflict unnecessary suffering upon another being, based on the irrelevant criteria of 'species'?
Why do you think they are meant to be eaten?

Humans kill and eat animals not for survival, but for convenience, taste or habit. We are not predators who kill animals for survival; we inflict unnecessary suffering upon beings who are consciousness just like us.

Humans having the body of an herbivore [see footnote 1], animal products being bad for us [2], and us having no nutritional need at all for animal products [3], claiming that we are at the “top of the Food chain”/that we are predators/that we are meant to eat other animals, is an erroneous statement. Just like the gorillas, cows and horses and many other animals we are herbivores. Just like cows, we can eat meat, however it is not good for our body, and not good for us spiritually [4].

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4. www.worldpeacediet.org  ; good lecture here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PkQrJZYZN4&NR=1&feature=endscreen

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