lördag 11 maj 2013

Loving an animal and to kill an animal - an oxymoron

I think in order to accomplish world peace we must stop using violence both towards other humans and towards other animals. If we sow violence, we reap violence. If we sow love and compassion, we reap love and compassion.

We should treat others as we want to be treated ourselves
All animals are conscious and they do value life as much as we do. If we love the, we must respect them, respect their relationsships with their family and respect their relationsships with the friends.

We love each other in this forum - I hope. We don't kill each other. Loving and killing are two oxymorons. In order to take someone else's life you need to sacrifice part of your innate love and empathy. This takes place everytime we put another animal on our plate for trivial reasons such as "taste", convenience or habit.

There are no humane ways of killing a human. There are no humane ways of killing another animal.

If we don't want to be killed, we shouldn't kill other animals (regardless of species - humans, dogs, cats, cows, chicken, etc.).
If we don't want someone else to steal our family, we shouldn't steal their family.
If we want to find our purpose in this world, we shouldn't steal others purpose.
If we don't want to be exploited and abused, we shouldn't abuse anyone else.
If we don't want to become enslaved, we shouldn't keep anyone else as a slave.
If we don't want to hurt any animals, we must become vegans (i.e. stop eating, wearing and using animal products, and in other ways do actions that are hurting and killing animals).
If we love animals, we don't kill animals. We don't kill and eat anyone that we love. If we love animals, we must support their want to not be oppressed, including not to be killed.

 I recommend this lecture: http://vimeo.com/17538152

All kind of animal products, including eggs and milk, are causing humans and other animals terrible suffering, oppression, starvation and death. Being vegan is the only way not to participate in the oppression.

If you claim to 'love' animals but you eat animal products, you need to think critically about how you understand love.


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