onsdag 4 juni 2014

Bigotry, violence and hatred towards Muslims is wrong

The Jewish Bible, the Christian Bible and the Quran – they all contain many verses promoting violence and discrimination. I also do believe that many followers are promoting discrimination – speciesism, sexism, etc. – just like many nonreligious people in our world.

That the religious books are promoting violence and discrimination doesn’t imply that a person who call himself/herself Christian, Muslim or a Jew is promoting violence and discrimination.
In today’s society many people discriminate towards Muslims and justify this with that their holy books contain promotion of violence and discrimination. Newsflash – the holy books of Christians and Jews also contain promotion of violence and discrimination.
A just and consistent law would have to equally fight against all discrimination and not only that of a certain ethnic or cultural group.

Today many people are trying to justify their discrimination of Muslims with that the holy books of Muslims promote violence and discrimination. However, it is only bigotry and enables bigotry, since it is arbitrarily targeting one very vulnerable group of people. Many times the violence and discrimination of the Quran and the Hadiths are quoted just to provide a platform and “justification” to promote racism and nationalism.

For example a Swedish party called Sverigedemokraterna commonly do this. Many of the anti-Islam videos that are circulating are just vehicles, or are used as vehicles, to provide a platform to promote racism and nationalism; or to discriminate and be violent towards people because of that they belong to a specific culture/religion.

To link to racist videos, whatever the intentions are, is just part of the problem, since it provides a vehicle enabling and promoting racism. The problem isn’t any specific book, but the problem is all religious and secular books, literature and all other media that are promoting violence and discrimination.

If similar discrimination, bigotry and violence took place towards e.g. White Christian men, that today is taking place towards Muslims, based on that their religious books contain promotion of violence and discrimination against animals, homosexuals, women, etc., then there would be lots of people demonstrating and protesting. However, when it comes to the discrimination and violence directed towards Muslims – most of the world is sadly quiet.

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