söndag 15 juni 2014

Sharing veganism through Lost Animals-posters and conversations

I have been out doing vegan education with Nikki and Ahimsa - companion dogs. They are really good vegan advocates . They go around with me, and occasionally they stop and say hey to someone; or someone comes and ask if they can pet them. That is always an invitation and an opportunity for a conversation about veganism, which I usually take. They are also around when I put up ‘Lost Animals’-posters about veganism - see http://www.lost-animals.net/

Earlier this week we were at the train station waiting for the train. Ahimsa was approaching a person and the person said that ‘It is okay, she can say hey’. Buddy And Ahimsa were very glad and greeted the person, asked for his attention and cuddle. After a while I led the conversation into a discussion about veganism. I said: ‘I became a vegan in the autumn of 2012.’ He said:’I have been thinking some about that.’ I said: “ I didn’t want to participate in exploiting animals, and I realized that we can live good and healthy lives without exploiting animals. Animals are exploited, harmed and killed for meat, dairy products, eggs, fish, leather, fur, entertainment, etc.; and we have no need for any of these products.”
I asked if I could give him a leaflet about veganism since I didn’t know if I would be close to him on the train or not. He received it, stepped on the train and started reading. It turned out that we were at the same section of the train and the discussion continued on the train. He agreed with everything I said, and he wants to live in that way. He thought that it would be had to change his way of living. I adviced him of the ‘I'm Going Vegan with The BLDO Plan: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=225433647613139

I challenge each and every vegan to everyday participate in vegan education. 
There are more than 1000 billions of animals exploited every year for food, clothes, entertainment, vivisection and other purposes.They are exploited because of someone's palate pleasure, convenience, ignorance or immoral belief that we have the right to exploit other sentient beings in vivisection in the pursuit of prolonging our own lives. Some of the customers that daily participate in the exploitation of animals are people who love animals and that wouldn't want to cause animals suffering. These are people that will change their consumption habits if they meet someone that educates them and give them clarity on this issue. Be courageous, educate others, and stop animals from being exploited. Stand up for injustices in the way that you would like someone to stand up for you if you were the victim of injustices. Reject speciesism, be vegan and educate others daily about veganism.

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