fredag 27 juni 2014

Vegan reply to 'But I eat meat because we are predators'/it is natural

A person wrote:
"Soooo, we should defy nature and become herbivores just so other animals don't die by our hand, but by the hands (paws/hooves/claws/etc.) of other natural predators? "

Whether or not we can eat meat or not is irrelevant in a moral perspective. Just because we can do something doesn't mean it is right. We also have the capability to rape, and to commit other atrocities.

What matters is that animals have an interest in not being exploited for food, clothes, and other purposes. They don't want to be harmed, they don't want to be killed by us, and have no interest of getting their families destroyed. Using animals as resources/products/property always involves exploiting them and disrespecting their interests. We can thrive and be healthy on a plant only diet without animal products, we have plant alternatives for clothing, and we don't need to use animals for other purposes. So opt out of all animal exploitation. Act as you care about animals - and be vegan. Learn more at

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