lördag 21 juni 2014

Vegan reply to: But unless you live in a forest you can't call yourself a vegan

"Sometimes non vegans, and even vegans, will chastise you for promoting veganism. They will tell you that because you are using a computer or live in a house and animals probably were harmed in order to make those things that you have no right to criticize somebody for exploiting animals directly for food, clothing, entertainment etc. They will say unless you live in a forest and completely remove yourself from society you have no business advocating against someone else's behavior.
Not only is this argument illogical. It is also bigoted. It's simply speciesism.
Nobody would ever say we should not try to stop murderers because sometimes humans are accidentally killed in traffic. Nobody would ever say we should stop trying to eliminate modern day slavery because we live in a country built by slave labor- or even because we have things in our house (electronics, clothes) that were made by slaves.
Nobody would ever tell a feminist, an LGBTQ advocate or a civil rights advocate that they must live in a forest because otherwise they will be participating in a society that objectifies women, LGBTQ folks and non whites.
Nobody would say those things because human rights and the value of human life are a given in our society. Nonhuman rights and the value of nonhuman life are not. So when these people, especially so called vegans, say this nonsense to you just remember it's evidence of *their* prejudice and *their* unquestioned belief in human superiority. Nothing more."
- Chris Palmieri

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