lördag 21 juni 2014

Vegan reply to ex-vegan: "But I need to listen to my body'

A good quote:
Another vegan food blogger has announced with great fanfare that she has decided to "listen to her body" and to go back to consuming animal products. (I'm not going to give her site traffic by linking to her blog.) First, I really, really wish that, rather than try to milk their vegan readers for sympathy and try to trigger a sort of virtual circle jerk with their non-vegan readers, folks with vegan food blogs who decide to go back to participating in animal exploitation would just STFU about it and either stop blogging or (if they really feel that overwhelmingly compelled to also promote animal exploitation) would just start a different food blog. Basically, the message they send to their fans who may be checking out their recipes because they're interested in veganism is that veganism is too hard, unnatural, unhealthy, etc. and that what happens to other animals doesn't really matter. Also, if everyone decided that the right thing to do was to "listen to their bodies" (i.e. in most cases, to listen to their cravings), many of us would be living off of dark chocolate, Vegenaise, red wine and kettle chips. (OK, OK... *I* would be living off of dark chocolate, Vegenaise, red wine and kettle chips.) It has to be the lamest excuse someone can possibly give for giving up his or her ethical convictions, but then again, this assumes that they ever had ethical convictions in the first place. As a friend used to say: "If you're not vegan now, you never were.""

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