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But vegans eat almonds and bees are exploited to produce these

It is correct that all monocultures involves the harming of sentient beings, e.g. killing of insects. That's why it is a moral imperative for us to do our best to either start veganic gardening ourselves, or buy such food: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2014/04/vision-for-nonviolent-vegan.html
Dumpster diving vegetables, etc. is also a good option.

But there is a moral difference between:
1. Using and exploiting a nonhuman animal as a resource and cattle property, or paying someone to do this with the only purpose of getting their product;
2. Having no alternative, paying an ordinary monoculture-farmer to buy vegetables; and this farmer is unfortunately - and despite that we abhor it, don't support it and don't want him to do it - exploiting other sentient beings in the production process. They are responsible for it. We choose to buy this produce because if we didn't we would starve to death.

Number 2 wouldn't occur in a vegan world, since we wouldn't exploit animals to produce our food. We would use vegan permaculture/veganic gardening. It only occurs because of that people justify exploiting animals for their pleasure, convenience, etc. Thus, assuming that we are doing our best to be able to get produce from veganic gardening, do dumpster diving, etc. we really don't have any alternative other than buying the monoculture-produce or we will starve to death.
The exploitation that occurs is due to the exploitation of nonhumans that every non-vegan participates in.

This is a reply to the following:

Yesterday, my non-vegan «flexitarian» husband, who is a heavy milk drinker, wrote the following to me (after we had an argument about his refusal to give up milk). I would like to know what you would answer to something like that:
«Just watched the bee documentary "More Than Honey." Well done and pretty interesting. I know that vegans don't do honey because it's derived from an exploitative process, however the nectar acquisition phase is part of a more exploitative process. Due to declining bee populations around the world and here in the US, most of the pollination that occurs with fruit and nut growers is the result of "rented" bees. How do vegans reconcile eating almonds (nearly all of which are produced by this process) or tree fruit when these products are only made possible through forced bee labor?»

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