torsdag 26 juni 2014

Why research of cultured meat is morally wrong

So they justify the vivisection and animal exploitation that today takes place to produce and research on cultured meat, because that they think that it will lead to less animals exploited in the future.
It is like the scenario when you murder one innocent human, in order to save 2 humans.
Or claiming that you are opposed to nonviolence, but you start a war to reach peace and a world of nonviolence.

Or promoting and legitimizing animal exploitation through Animal welfare reform because that you erroneously think it will lead to a vegan world:

Vegan education will lead to a vegan world. Animal exploitation and speciesism will lead to more animal exploitation and speciesism. It is simple.

The author is also wrong about the production of vegetables. We can do vegan permaculture and we don't need to exploit animals in order to get food. I wonder why they don't invest their time in doing and spreading knowledge of vegan permaculture, and instead participate in animal exploitation by promoting cultured "meat".

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