lördag 21 juni 2014

Welfare reform/trend legitimizes animal abuse and exploitation

Vegan Musings It’s because almost everyone can easily agree with “better treatment” as they can then continue to exploit nonhuman animals as always. The groups/organisations that sell “animal abuse” within animal exploitation businesses and institutions, as if their use is not abuse itself; “welfare reforms” (as if a business would sacrifice its profits for the welfare of what is considered property); “better treatment”; and “humane products” keep the public happy that they are doing all they can for nonhuman animals by donating to their campaigns and they don’t need to change a thing in their own lives. 

As you said, this ‘welfare’ trend is and has turned against animal rights, the right of nonhuman animals not to be exploited, killed, and in any other way abused by humans, their right not to be property. A ‘right’ way to abuse someone legitimises the abuse of course. By advocating real animal rights nowadays is seen as extreme and even against the interests of the ones subjected to the injustice of not having rights! Instead people try to find all sorts of excuses so as to continue to use nonhuman animals and are blind and insensitive to their being regarded as property, exploited, and killed. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where most people very much prefer to build a ‘happy wall’ around them with pictures from unreality; play up a CD that tells them they are wonderful, the world is perfect, and not to worry about anyone else but themselves; look down on anyone who is not like them while thinking they are ‘compassionate’ and ‘generous’ for showing they are bothered at all about them for some seconds, instead of awakening themselves on what’s so deeply wrong and do the very least for it which is to be vegan. Hopefully, awareness on the truth will prevail in the end, humans will follow the call of justice and respect, and the different, innocent, and vulnerable will not be taken advantage of anymore.

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