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Story of hens, chickens -their tragic fate and slavery just because that humans by eggs and chicken-"meat"

Maria Amore skrev:
"The tens of thousands of chickens crammed into one egg production shed have nowhere to move and no way to nest, establish social order, or in any way express their natural intelligence or purpose. The artificial lighting schedule that keeps them in almost continuous darkness, and the feed and drugs are all designed with only one goal: to cut costs and to maximize the number of eggs that drop from the hens’ uteruses and roll down the slanted wire cage bottoms to be whisked away on the conveyor belt. On modern chicken operations, this is over 250 eggs per year, more than two and a half times the number hens would normally lay under natural conditions. In nature, a hen is particular about her nest and often chooses the right place to lay her precious egg in partnership with a rooster. When she actually lays the egg in her carefully prepared nest, it is obviously for the hen a moment full of pride and satisfaction. Contrast this with the following description of egg laying for a caged chicken:

The frightened battery hen starts to panic as she vainly searches for privacy and a suitable nesting place in the crowded but bare wire cage; then she appears to become oblivious to her surroundings, struggling against the cage as though she is trying to escape…
Take a moment to imagine yourself as a layer chicken; your home is a crowded cage with a wire floor that causes your feet to hurt and become deformed; there’s no room to stretch your legs or flap your wings and they become weak from lack of exercise; but at the same time you can never be still because there is always one of your miserable cell mates who needs to move about; one of the other chickens is always picking on you and you cannot get away – except by letting others sit on top of you; the air is filled with dust and flying feathers that stick to the side of the cage splattered with chicken shit from the inmates in the cage upstairs; it is hard to breathe – there is the choking stench of ammonia in the air from the piles of manure under the cages and you don’t feel well at all; the flies are unbearable despite the insecticide sprayed in the air and laced in your food – to kill the fly larvae before they mature; the food – never green and fresh – never varies and tastes always of the chemical additives and drugs needed to keep you alive; eventually, despite your wretchedness and anguish, and the tormented din of thousands of birds shrieking their pain together, you lay an egg and you watch it roll out of sight; but the joy of making a nest, of giving birth, of clucking to your chicks is absent – laying the egg is an empty, frustrating, and exhausting ritual."

World Peace Diet, Dr. Will Tuttle pages 127-8.

Please, I beg you, let's acknowledge that this domination and slavery is not right. Let's choose compassion and choose from among the many delicious recipes that don't include eggs! There is absolutely no reason for us to consume eggs in our diet. In fact, we have no right to do this to other precious Beings!

Do not kid yourselves: organic, free-range, grain-fed, humane are all myths created by a greedy industry to appease your conscience. There is nothing humane about the egg and chicken industries.

Go vegan - end the suffering.

Please share this note so that everyone knows the truth about what is going on behind "closed doors".

More about eggs:
The eggs are still not ours, they belong to the chickens.
The chickens need the eggs to replenish their vitamins and minerals.

Good article: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/what-are-the-roots-of-freedom-and-slavery/
An interesting perspective: http://gentleworld.org/whats-wrong-with-backyard-eggs/
Cholestorol in eggs and other animal products kills humans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYTf0z_zVs0

Yes, they eat their unfertilized eggs. And being so abused by the breeding-industry - laying a very unnatural amount of eggs - they surely need all the nutrients they can get (and lose in the egg laying process).
[An example: http://freefromharm.org/animal-rescue-stories/what-do-you-do-with-the-eggs-if-you-dont-eat-them/ ]

Another problem with taking their eggs and taking other products from animals is that it is treating animals as "property" - a status which results to lots of suffering and death of animals in our society:
"Francione argues that the current legal standard of animal welfare does not and cannot establish rights for animals. As long as they are viewed as property, animals will be subject to suffering for the social and economic benefit of human beings."

Many important articles about hens and eggs here: http://freefromharm.org/animal-products-and-culture/all-about-eggs-free-from-harms-collection/

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