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Veganism is --eating with love and compassion and disregarding any "taste buds" that promote violence, suffering and death to animals

If we think this is unethical:

However e.g. to mention that there are 600 million vegetarian persons (and he includes those who are eating eggs and milk in this definition), fails to address the death and suffering eating animals products causes other sentient beings:

[For anyone that is unaware of this: ]
If we think this is unethical:

Cows to be raped (impregnated against their will) every year (because a cow produces milk for 'only' a year), heavily abused, having their milk stolen, having their calves stolen the same day or some days after they conceive them (so that humans can get their milk) EVERY year, having the cows drained of calcium that they need, having their male calves (who where stolen from them :(  ]slaughtered for "meat" being 6 months or 18 months old, having the "milk cows" being killed 5 years old because that they can't produce enough milk.

then we must stop causing this to occur by our dietary choices.
Animals life, purpose and health MUST be more important than our taste buds.
We can't just ignore this. Their life matters as much to them, as our life matters to us. They want to live as much as we want to live. They don't want to be abused as we don't want to be abused.

This is a wonderful movie with cows (non gory):
Animals have the right to be free and not to be enslaved. I really recommend this article:

If you research e.g. the website you will understand that any kind of animal use is wrong, and that it perpetuates the status of animals as "property", which is the cause of the most horrendous physical animal abuses. If you understand this you can in no way participate in any kind of use of animal, since you are both confining and exploiting an animal and are perpetuating the "property"-status of animals, with all of its negative consequences.


Growing plant-based foods in ones own land is a great idea!
Regarding the cows:
How could we take something from someone else that doesn't belong to us, e.g. milk?
How could we impregnate an individual against her will (regardless of species)l?
How could we drain someone on the calcium that she needs (regardless of species)?
How could we separate a mother from her calf - which is done in all milk operations? Furthermore, no one affords to feed all the cows (one more calf per year, because of making the cow pregnant, so that humans can get more milk), so male calves are sent to slaughter (or in a non-kill operation, which is extremely rare, they are used in other ways, perpetuating the "animal as property"-notion, which is the cause of all suffering humans impose on animals in this world.

Except for all of the suffering,pain, slavery and death that is inflicted on the animals -- which is never ethical and can never be justified by any means - ALL diary operations (and operations with other animal products) (and grass-fed cows are having a bigger environmental impact because of that they release more methane gas) are having a huge environmental impact and is causing poverty,starvation and huge global warming, which will cause a vast amounts of droughts and floods with many more people and other animals killed:
See also this:

The plant-based foods that the more than 56 billion land animals (who have the sadly misfortune to grow up to become someones food - and this include "milk cows") brutally slaughtered each year eats could feed more than 9 billion people.
6 million children are dieing of starvation in the world each year. Hundreds of millions don't get enough food. If we care of them we must let our eating habits reflect this. If everyone ate plant-based food, the food would suffice for everyone's need.
More information:

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