fredag 29 mars 2013

Animal foods disconnect us from our natural compassion and wisdom, and sense of being part of a benevolent universe.

Nicely written by Will Tuttle:

It is irresponsible to condone eating meat, dairy, and eggs. While I agree that sunshine and the dirt are beneficial, eating foods sourced from animals is not only toxic for us physically, it is even more toxic for us emotionally, spiritually, culturally, and ecologically - and these are all important aspects of our health.

If I buy animal flesh or secretions, I have to pay people to do the terrible work of stabbing, imprisoning, mutilating, and raping animals, work that brings out the worst in them. I am supporting toxic agriculture also; animals require huge amounts of land, feed, water, and petroleum to feed, slaughter, freeze/refrigerate, and are the driving force behind species extinction and global climate devastation.

The Department of Animal Services, which Mike Adams has written about, that kills millions of coyotes, bears, bobcats, raccoons, skunks, birds, beavers, and other animals, is a tool of the ranchers and animal agriculture industries.

Animal foods disconnect us from our natural compassion and wisdom, and sense of being part of a benevolent universe. They concentrate fear, terror, grief, and despair also - do we really want to eat these, and feed them to our children? They concentrate environmental toxins also, like heavy metals, PCBs, chemicals, and there are over 10,000 pharmaceutical drugs approved for use on animals - who experience mandatory vaccinations on a practically daily basis. They consume the vast amount of GMO crops also!

It is so funny to hear people bashing soy, and eating eggs, dairy products, and animal flesh-- and eating vast amounts of soy indirectly -- many times more soy than any vegan possibly could ever eat!

And organic dairy, meat, and eggs are just as cruel or even more cruel than commercial factory-farmed versions (and that's saying a LOT) because on organic operations antibiotics aren't allowed to be used, so the animals suffering from mastitis and other infections that are rampant suffer more and are mutilated, for example, by having their teats reamed out to get the milk flowing again.

Going vegan is the path to real health for oneself, for the Earth, for animals, for all of us -- we are all interconnected and it's time to question the violence at the core of our culture and stop participating in it and stop making excuses for servile behavior. The only reason anyone eats animal foods is because they're following the orders given them from infancy by a culture of violence and exploitation. It's time for us to think for ourselves, and to came back to our hearts and honor the feelings of kindness for all. Thanks!

Will Tuttle;

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