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Det är en myt att människans förfäder levde primärt på kött, de levde primärt på stärkelse-baserad mat

Här följer lite utdrag från en intressant föreläsning av John McDougall.
[Jag tycker han säger mycket bra, förutom att han tycker att det är okej att äta djur vid högtider. Det skadar både djuren, oss och miljön.]

The idea that they ate alot of plant-food had to come from some careful archeology.
Starch grains (amyloplasts), they are plants of a cell.
Inside of a plant cell starch is stored.

Investigators have found evidence of these plant cells when they looked into archeological findings. They have last for 2 million years.
In the teeth, they found parts of
b/wood or bark

Evidence of 2 million years ago that people ate like chimpanzees 

105 000 years ago.
They found starch granules.
Their conclusion is that people were consuming grains and other plant parts for more than 100 000 years.

Neanderthals Ate Plants
Evidence from skeletons, which they looked at - from cold Europe down to southern Mediterrean region.
44000 years ago they found starch granulars. They match what we can make today by cooking e.g. potatoes.
We have clear evidence that Neanderthals ate cooked starch.

European Ate Plants 30 000 Years ago
They found from 3 separate populations of Europe. They found evidence of abundant use of 3 separate populations

14000 years ago,
Evidence of potato eaters.
In southern Chile.
They found evidence of actual organic evidence. 44 different edible kinds ofe plants. 23 different kinds of medicial plants

More recent findings - Starch from dental remains - 8000 years ago
Looked between the teeth of the skeleton. They found starch granulars. Clear evidence that people were starch eaters.

History of starch eating
Archeological evidence shows that all large successful populations through all verifiable history, they consumed the bulk of their calories from starch.

In Far east- even today Thailand, China and Japan - they are rice eaters. 1.7 billions Asians live on a rice base diet. They are not fat.


The paleo diet claims that 55% can come from animal foods.

Medical research
A big study in BMJ.
It found that a Low carbohydrate-high protein diet, has short terms benefits of weight loss outweighed by longer term cardiovascular harms. 

"In particular, women had 5% higher incidence of cardiovascular disease (heart disease) for each tenth of an increase in the low carbohydrate-high protein score, yielding a 62% higher incidence among women in the highest categories of low carbohydrate-high protein diets compared with the lowest.

Whenever someone comes out with this broad world-wide statements, the Atkins foundation are threatening with lawsuits.
No matter how high, and how often they tell you otherwise, these foods are a health-hazard.
They have a good megaphone to talk about things that people with a bad diet wants to hear.

People thrive on a diet high in starches.
National Geographic, a study of various populations that are most long-lived
Okinawa, Japan
Sardinia, Italy
Ikaria, Greece
Seventh Day Adventists.

What they have in common is that they have high-carb, starch-based diet, and minimal amount of animal foods.

Walter Kempner, MD, Duke University.
He started the rice diet.
He fed people who where sick on diabets, etc,
Rice, fruits
He took people with failing kidney, abnormals EKG-findings, people who where finding.
Switched them off to the rice-diet.. He cured people with terrible illnesses.

Nathan P. doing the same thing. Published results in medicinal journals.

Ecological disaster
Over 51% of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions come from LiveStock" - The World Watch institute.
2006 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture, Livestok's Long Shadow, estimates that 18 percent of annual GHGs comes from livestock production.

It would be a disaster to planet earth if people adopted this kind of diet.

Another report of our water supply.

It takes 4000 to 18000 gallons of water to produce one hamburger.

Uncivilized Paleo Diet
"Without them (starches, like wheat, rice, corn, and potatoes) the world could probably support one-tenth or less of our present population" [Quote from Loren Cordains book]

Choose 10 close friends and family members. Which nine should die so that the Paleo-people can have their uncivilized way? There is a better way and that is the The Starch solution.

Paleo diet is destroying and animals and if people ate it we would have to eliminate 9/10's of the population of the earth.

Hunter-Gatherer Energetics and Human Obesity

The average daily energy expenditure of traditional Hadza foragers was no different than  that of Westeners after controlling for body size.
Basically starch-food. Some hunting. Most of the food supply obtained by women, children, grand parents.
It is not exercise. It is the food. You got to fix the food. Blaming exercise, is a scape goat.

Trim, healthy, hearty people without heart-disease. 

Nathaniel Dominy, PhDDr Dominy gave a presentation about his work on diet and evolution. That is what he specializes at. He told about genetics of human being showing we are starch eaters. Expert anthropologist that has spent all his life studying human diet and its relationship to teeth, bones, genes, chemicals and so on.
His conclusion is that human being is a starchivore.
The hunters-gathers. The majority of any hunter-and-gather-society, their main food-source is plant-foods.
The truth is clear in Anthropological community.
He send his summary to major scientist of Anthropological community - and by and large they all agree with it. That humans lived primarily lived on a starch-based diet throughout the ages.

The Diet wars
Different diets out there:
Barnard diet: Based on starch, vegetables and fruits. Emphasis is on no animals foods, ever.

Biblical Daniel diet: Based on Daniel's teaching in the Bible

China study diet: Based on starches, vegetables and fruits.

CHIP Program (The complete health improvement program by Dr. Hans Diehl)

Dr. Esselstyn: Starch-based diet....

Dr. Fuhrman : Based on green and yellow vegetables, beans, nuts and sseds. Not always low in fat. Small animal foods allowed [My comment: Not good of course for the animals, us and the environment]

John McDougall diet

Popper diet (Pam Popper, PhD): Based on starches, vegetables ....
He wrote about the diet wars, and express his opinions about them, and included some statements on his discussion board.
Some statements from Dr. Fuhrman, Colin Campbell. The disagreement are serious.

The true enemy: Low carb-high protein diet...

Everyone is a claiming originality. The public is confused - why can't you diet doctors agree. 'Why don't you get together, so that we can tell the truth'.
One of the earliest recommendation: Daniel 1:12-15: Daniel says to the gatekeeper. Please give only vegetables and water to our men.
10 days later: Those that switch to the Daniel-diet was match healthier than those who consumed the Royal food.

Facing the future
Climate change, drought in US.
No educated doubters these days.
We know that humans are contributing greatly to climate change.
There are changes coming. We can direct those changes and make them less painful.
We should look to the past and see what people did in other difficult times.

WW1 - 1914 to 1918. During WW1..
A doctor Mikkel Hindhede, a nutritionist, medical doctor. He had being doing studies.
Advisor for the Danish government during WW1. He had been doing experiments on human beings.
He took a guy named Madsen. Fed him potatoes, water, a little oil for extra fat.. He was in tremendous health after 1,5 years.
He was feeding potatoes and water. It has all the vitamins you need except for B12.
Hundreds years ago they knew that you couldn't design a diet that was lacking protein.
During WW1, people suffered malnutrition in Germany. They used the model of the typical Western diet. They were few, but they were insisted that the population continued to eat beef for their protein.

Hindhede went to the government, he said we should stop feeding the barley, etc, to the cows and pigs, and feed it to the population.
They fed the population in Denmark a diet of wheat, barley and potatoes. The people of Denmark thrived. They did not suffer hunger. They thrived in terms of disease. Was published in Journal of American Medical population. The mortality rate in Denmark between 1914 and 1918 during the most severe depravation, the risk of dieing dropped dramatically by 34%. The people in Denmark became healthier. The other people suffered from malnutrition and died.

This was made throughout all countries in Europe during WW2.
Diabetes-rate in England. Rich food became scarce. People ate starch and vegetables. MS and heart-disease plumed drastically.
A time of tremendous state, yet people got healthier during these times.

Low carb vs paleo diet
Paleo diet-promoters are fat. Plant-based diet-promoters are lean.
Undeniable facts, paleo-diets make you sick, it makes the planet sick.

The lecture

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