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Why Jewish 'kosher slaughter' is inflicting unnecessary suffering upon animals

 If you watch some video footage of kosher slaughter, you will see that there is a lot of suffering involved there also, see e.g.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzaeHfh65hs ; and animals killed ‘kosher’ are also raised up in factory farm-facilities, involving lots of suffering. However “humanely” we treat and kill these animals, the amount of animal suffering we cause is staggering. The animals raised up and slaughtered in ‘kosher’-facitilities don’t want to become killed and exploited by humans. Can’t we respect their desire to live, can’t we show them love and compassion. I became a vegan this autumn, since I don’t think it is ethical to inflict unnecessary suffering and death upon sentient beings who all value their life, friends and family as much as we value our life, friends and family.

This is a reply to a person writing: Am already eating kosher, sparing 99% of animal species from torture

I also wrote:
Great that you agree Michael!
"Organic", "free range" and so on. They all end up at the same slaughterhouse. They all go through great amount of suffering. Some more about the hens in the “free range”-industry:

The question is, is it right to inflict unnecessary suffering upon sentient animals, who don’t want to be killed by us? All killing of animals involve suffering. We can easily live a vegan lifestyle. There are delicious vegan recipes. But most importantly, it is our moral obligation toward the innocent, defenseless animals not to hurt and exploit them for “taste”/convenience.


Did you know how much suffering that is involved in the production of eggs? In the egg industry all male chicks are ground up alive to death, hens are usually confined, suffer all their life, and eventually they are killed. You can cook a vegan tasty poopy seed lime cake without the suffering of eggs and animal products.

We all claim to care about animals and to regard them as having at least some moral value. We all claim to agree that it’s wrong to inflict “unnecessary” suffering and death on animals and--whatever disagreement we may have about when animal use is necessary—we all agree that the suffering and death of animals cannot be justified by human pleasure, amusement, or convenience. However “humanely” we treat and kill these animals, the amount of animal suffering we cause is staggering. Yet no one maintains that animal foods are necessary for optimal health.

It is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering and death upon animals, and this we do when we consume animal products.
I recommend this article: http://articles.philly.com/2009-08-14/news/24986151_1_atlanta-falcons-quarterback-vick-illegal-dog-dog-fights and www.vegankit.com

What do you think?

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