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Svar från vegan på frågan: Är det etiskt att äta kött som odlas i laboratorie?

Först och främst rekommenderar jag denna artikel:

Engelska först, sedan följer en del tankar på svenska (kompletterande).

For anyone who thinks that this is a great idea, please consider:

1. The cells to grow this must come from living animals. The article says that the developer "has taken cells from the necks of cows and grown very tiny quantities in petri dishes, repeating the procedure 'thousands of times' to generate enough for a hamburger patty."

2. Assuming that this could ever become commercially viable, and assuming that any significant number of meat eaters will actually choose to consume this--two very big assumptions--there will still be animals needed to produce dairy, eggs, and other animal foods and clothing;

3. We have PETA saying: "In vitro meat provides a way for people to be able to eat ethically, while still kind of getting that meat fix." ethical? "meat fix"?

4. We have PETA, which apparently cannot afford to find homes for 95% of the animals it takes in at its facility, offering $1 million to the developer of in vitro chicken.

How about those dogs and cats who are being killed today?

Whenever I think that the animal movement cannot become more absurd, I am shown to be wrong.

Citat: https://www.facebook.com/abolitionistapproach

---Shawn Fosnight: Which of my points do you disagree with? And do you think that there is a snowball's chance in hell that this will be commercially viable for cat food at any point in the near future? And do you see that they have to get the cells from animals? How does that make it vegan? What will happen to those donor animals? Will they be people's "pets"?


Det finns flera etiska problem:

Djur utnyttjas i forskningsprocessen.
” Dr. Post and his team developed the cultured meat by using myosatellite stem cells and medical techniques for growing tissues and organs, a field known as tissue engineering. The process still uses fetal calf serum in which to grow the cells, but eventually that will be replaced with a non-animal material.” [Not 1]
Stamceller från djur används i en process som heter ‘tissue engineering’. Själva forskningsprocessen i sig själv förevigar vårt samhälles mentalitet att djur är resurser (och alltså inte individer med ett moraliskt värde), och att vi t.ex. kan föda upp och utnyttja djur för att forska fram produkter/utsätta djur för annat onödigt lidande när vi tror att det gagnar oss.

Stamceller kommer kontinuerligt att behöva extraheras från djur, både under forskning och under den fortsatta produktionen (se problemet som jag beskrev i föregående inlägg) . Stamceller används också till annan forskning, och även här behövs det kontinuerligt nya stamceller för att kunna fortsätta forskningen.

Vi kan inte rättfärdiga att utnyttja icke-mänskliga djur för att nå ett mål med “färre utnyttjade djur”. På samma sätt som vi inte kan rättfärdiga att utnyttja en människa för att nå ett mål om ”färre utnyttjade människor”.

Fler etiska problem beskrivs i denna artikeln:
Not 1.Citat från: http://www.upi.com/blog/2013/05/13/In-Vitro-meat-325000-lab-grown-hamburger-tastes-reasonably-good/1881368462399/

Grump Old Vegan wrote:

I’ve seen an astonishing number of comments by vegans supporting ‘Schmeat’, speculating that ‘billions of lives will be saved’ by this technology which ‘harmlessly and painlessly’ extracts stem cells from animals. Firstly, at the moment they can only ‘grow’ something that looks like a hamburger (or a cow pat depending on your point of view) so saving billions of animals will only be a possibility when T-bone steaks, pork chops and chicken legs can also be grown. I won’t be holding my breath. Secondly, the fact that animals will still be exploited seems to have gone out of the window because ‘less harm is good’, accompanied by the usual comments that ‘the world won’t become vegan overnight’ and ‘we have to start somewhere’.

What is the point of adopting the moral philosophy of veganism if you aren’t going to advocate it and instead give approval to activities which involve animal exploitation? Whatever is wrong with being unequivocal in opposing the consumption of animal products, even in a bastardised form such as ‘Schmeat’? I make absolutely no apologies for the fact that I won’t support anything which involves the exploitation of one single animal.

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