måndag 24 juni 2013

Vegan reply to 'humans have killed and eating meat for hundreds of thousands of years"

And there has been human slavery for at least several thousand years, as well as animal abuse and oppression of women. How many thousands of year does it take for an unethical tradition to become ethical do you mean?

That people are eati
ng meat, only means that sometime some humans started to eat meat, and it became a well-established tradition.

In no way, does a well-established tradition in any way create a moral justification for a behavior.
My point is that a well-established tradition of an unethical behavior does not justify an unethical behavior.

There are 2 separate moral issues that you discuss:
1. Killing for survival; 2. Killing despite the complete lack of any necessity.
Regardless of whether one thinks it is morally excusable to kill human and nonhuman animals for survival e.g. if stranded on a desert island and if that is the only possible way to survive; people’s moral intuition is that is morally wrong to hurt and kill any individual despite the complete lack of necessity.

The argument that I brought up is discussing killing animals despite the complete lack of necessity. You brought up arguments that don’t refute my arguments.

I recommend you to read this article: 'Francione: We're all Michael Vick

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