fredag 21 juni 2013

Eating meat, milk, eggs and other animal products is paying for industrialised animal abuse

For every bite of any animal product, meat, milk, cheese, etc, you are paying for industrialised animal abuse. Please stop exploiting animals. Please start treating them as individuals, and stop treating them as things with no moral value. Please stop exploiting animals.

“If you think that any sentient nonhuman life has a moral value, then it is irrational to deny that all nonhuman life has moral value. To put it another way, if you think that dogs or cats (or whomever) have moral value, you cannot logically exclude cows, fish, pigs, and chickens from the moral community. And having moral value means that we cannot use animals as a resource. Therefore, veganism is what follows from the simple recognition that animals are not things. If animals have any moral value, we cannot use them as resources. Peirod.”
Quote: Gary Francione:

And if you are a vegan, please share with everyone you see is exploiting animals, e.g. by eating animal products. It is our moral responsibility, and if we don't stand up for the animals we are complicit.
There are plenty of starch-based foods without wheat you can cook and eat, e.g. potatoes, rice, oats, lentils, beans, etc.. This is a great health website:

This is a great vegan website:
se go vegan. For every bite of an animal products, an animal is exploited, hurt, enslaved and killed This is not right. We must eat a harmless diet, and care more of the animals than our taste buds or convenience.
A great article I recommend:


Thanks Vicky! I went vegan directly when I understood it is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering and death upon animals. This I did this autumn. So did my wife.

We have a moral obligation towards the animals - not to treat them as resources. We are not allowed to kill them, hurt them and enslave them. ' The journey we should make as vegans, we can’t allow and permit any animal products on our journey. We should do a peaceful journey without oppression and injustice towards the animals, a vegan journey of love and compassion, not a journey that permits some animal exploitation towards the goal of no ‘animal exploitation’.

Please, every time you see an animal product, think of and visualize the animals, their moral value and  think of and visualize the harm and death they have to go through, and then choose not to consume it.

Peace, and take care!

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