fredag 8 februari 2013

The ritual of the passover lamb in Torah takes the life of innocent, precious and feeling beings

Do you think that a God full of love and compassion would sacrifice hundreds of thousands of innocent lambs?
They haven't done a single evil.
Is it just to endorse the killing of innocent, sentient and feeling beings?

Lambs want to live, they love their family, they have the right to live. They feel suffering, and the suffering for the mother of the lamb, when someone is killing her child, is immense.
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  1. This certainly crosses the line between probability and bias. It also shows a complete lack of moral understanding.

    To exchange an "innocent" lamb, which of course is not innocent or guilty of anything in place of a human being is what Pesach is about. The author forgets or has become mad concerning a probable explanation for the Pesach substitution.

    But I will refresh his memory. It is probable that the Paro ordered all of Egypt to kill their firstborn as an offering to the idols of Egypt but the Hebrews and the other kind (chasidim) ones killed a lamb instead of their own children.

    And as for the suffering of the mother lamb, it has yet to be proven. This is anthropomorphism without any proof.

    Come back to the real world.

  2. It is not anthropomorphism to claim that it is morally wrong to inflict suffering on other sentient beings.

    We have the ability to develop love and compassion for all beings. But it requires that we stop oppressing them. We can intuitively know that it is wrong to cause suffering and to kill another sentient being. However, if we oppress animals routinely as most humans do, we may lose this capacity. Just like persons committing severe moral atrocities may not have comprehended that what they did was morally wrong. I believe that men are goodhearted. However, humans participating in regularly excluding the animals, regularly saying 'I don't care' by the choices made, regularly oppressing them by eating them, wearing them and making other choices that are oppressing the animals, may become very disconnected to the animals, their lives and their inherent moral value.

    Animals do suffer. Please watch the videos provided at

    Killing lambs IS to inflict suffering on other sentient beings. The point with my blog post is that inflicting suffering on other sentient beings for a religious ritual is morally wrong, just like it is morally wrong for "taste", "enjoyment" or "convenience".