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Vegan reply: What about consuming eggs from rescued hens/ "pet hens"?

What about consuming eggs from rescued hens?
By consuming animal foods and owning animals one is perpetuating the property status of animals, which enables all the animal abuse today of the domesticated animals. As long as any individual, humans or nonhumans, is property under the law there will be no real protection.

“Anticruelty laws assume that animals are the property of humans, and it is in this context that the supposed balance of human and animal interests occurs. But as we saw, we cannot really balance the interests of property owners against their property because property cannot have interests that are protectable against the property owner. The humane treatment principle, as applied through animal welfare laws, does nothing more than require that the owners of animal property accord that level of care, and no more, that is necessary to the particular purpose.” Quote:

“Although these activities do not contribute directly to demand for animal products, they are deeply problematic as a symbolic matter. They reinforce the idea that animal products are things to consume; they reinforce the idea that animals are things, are human resources; they reinforce the social practice of consuming animals; they reinforce demand even if they don’t contribute directly to it.”
I also recommend this article:
All domestication of animals is inherently wrong:

Thus, if you agree with the proposition that it is immoral to inflict animals any unnecessary suffering and death, please note that based on the above reasoning, you have to stop consuming all animal foods, stop using animals as a resource, and go vegan.

You can learn more about this principle in this article:

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