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Mc Donalds non-vegan vegetarian burger is no progress for the animals

"McDonald’s has announced a new non-vegan vegetarian wrap and some of the welfarist groups, such as Vegan Outreach, are declaring 'Progress for the animals!'."
 Please read this: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/enabling-animal-exploitation/#.UiDX_3pwncs
Some comments:

There is as much animal exploitation involved in Mc Donalds fish burger as there is in their lacto-vegetarian burger, as there is involved in their other non-vegan burgers.
I don't understand how anyone can think that any of these burgers is a step in the right direction.


The damage caused by Mc Donalds animal exploitation is about the same.

The damage caused by "Vegan" Outreach and other persons (e.g. those sharing "Vegan” Outreachs post) promoting animal exploitation-burgers, encouraging people who claim to love animals and who may actually be willing to go vegan if being presented the facts and that veganism is the moral baseline, to exploit animals by eating animal exploitation burgers is tremendous.


Gary once provided a brilliant analogy. He said just because a hunter becomes vegan after shooting an animal doesn't mean we should promote hunting as a means to produce the desired ends (veganism). Just because the interim for some people is vegetarianism does not mean we should promote it. It's foolish to promote a wrong in the hope that a right will eventuate.


Rune Kjær Rasmussen When I heard about calves being killed and their mothers mourning I became vegan instantly. That was the connection that made me quit being a lacto-vegetarian which was something I did not think much about being, and something that does not help anything anyways. I actually think a lot of people would go vegan when they hear what is going on. When they hear about the insanity of it all and suddenly feel the wrongness of it all.

I think the point of the article is that vegetarianism is a morally incoherent position regardless of who is promoting it. Selling more hamburgers is no different than selling a burger filled with dairy.


Rune Kjær Rasmussen I think it is indeed so black and white. The only reason McDonald's will offer a "vegetarian" meal is because they can see a demand for it. They want to make money. It is a business.

Rune Kjær Rasmussen To say it is progress for the animals is like saying gentler rapists is a progress for rapist victims. Pure nonsense to make consumers feel good about continuing to exploit and the animal killing business make more money. As so often before. Sadly many vegans contribute to this and applaud such marketing stunts as progress too.

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