onsdag 7 augusti 2013

hunter gatherers got 25% of their calories from meat. This doesn't humans to eat meat.

But there wasn't any evidence in your article showing that we have the anatomy of a omnivore.

"They classified humans as carnivores based on the percentage of meat in the typical human diet."

hunter gatherers got about 25% of their calories from meat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0PF5R0ywp4

Anyways. So what?
Just because that our ancestors ate meat, doesn't mean that this is what was best suited for their bodies.

When I speak about 'omnivore', 'herbivore', etc., I am referring to the anatomy of a species.

And to go back to the core argument,
And even if we could consume animal foods without getting health problems, so what???

We can live and thrive on a vegan diet, so killing and harming animals for food in our society is completely unnecessary. The only "justification" is that it tastes good/convenience -- and pleasure is no moral justification for hurting and killing an animal.

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