lördag 6 april 2013

What can we do to help animals, go vegan, educate others, adopt a homeless animal

People who care about animals often say to me that they are frustrated because they want to do something *now* to help animals. I respond that the single best thing they can do now is to go vegan and to stop eating, wearing, and using animal foods and products.

Then they ask what else they can do to make a bigger difference in society. I respond that there is a desperate need to educate others about veganism not as some lifestyle choice or option, but as a clear and unequivocal moral baseline, as the *only* rational response to our recognition that animals matter morally. And we need to educate in creative, nonviolent ways.

And then they ask about what they can do to help an individual animal right now, today. I respond that they can save a life and change the universe for one animal today, right now, right this second, by adopting or fostering a homeless nonhuman refugee.

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